We’re a creative and passionate web design agency.

About us

We’re a professional and creative web design agency based in Sheffield, committed to crafting beautiful websites for innovators, startups and leading businesses. We offer a variety of services to help brands flourish amid an ever growing competitive market.

At Tusk, we believe in getting to know our clients so we can tailor our solutions. We don't believe in the one size fits all approach, all our services are offered on an individual basis. This allows us to build websites that perfectly capture our clients brand. We build strong, trusting relationships with our clients so we can work closely on projects. This collaborative approach means we deliver websites that consistently meet or exceed project requirements. It also means we build long lasting and solid relationships with our clients. This is very important to us.

We're passionate about web design and strive to be ahead of the competition. All our work is carried out to a standard we're proud to put our name against. We're a forward-thinking agency that uses the latest technologies and software. This enables us to produce high-quality work that meets exacting standards in design, stability and security. Our experience allows us to solve problems quickly and deliver projects in a timely manner. Our aim is always to give our clients a perfect platform that will allow them to reach their goals.

Our process

1. Requirements Analysis
  • Defining business goals and success criteria for the project.
  • Documenting time and budget constraints.
  • Making note and considering any business risks.
  • Producing a structured plan for the project.
2. Web Design
  • Producing a sitemap capturing page hierarchy and relationships.
  • Designing the front end web pages and UI elements.
  • Delivering design mockups for consideration and approval.
  • Content writing and creation provided by the client.
3. Web Development
  • Writing and compiling the front end code.
  • Writing and compiling the back end code.
  • Testing units of code for functionality.
  • Updating client with each unit of code.
  • Documenting the code and it's functionality.
4. Product Testing
  • Thorough testing of each page for technical issues.
  • Implementing fixes for any bugs found.
  • User testing to ensure business goals and success criteria are met.
  • Making any last-minute alterations to the website.
5. Product Release
  • Deploying the website onto it's hosting server.
  • Testing the deployment to ensure complete functionality.
  • Making any hardware/software enhancements if needed.
  • Producing a project document with each milestone review.
6. Maintenance & Support
  • Implementing any minor bug fixes.
  • Discussing tailored maintenance & support packages to suit your needs.
  • Reviewing any functionality enhancements to the project.